Get to Know the Difference: THC and CBD

There comes a time in every weed-lover’s life when you realize you might be missing some key information about the activity you hold so near and dear. What actually makes this strain function the way it does? How does my brain actually interact with marijuana after my round of deep inhales? It’s a list of queries that go on and on—and they’re all valid questions that have even more valid answers.
That’s why we’re here to give you another round of marijuana education. Sure, you may be reading this with years of cannabis consumption under your belt. And perhaps you have your tried and true lineup of favorite products down pat, rendering no further search. But whether you’re an OG or a newbie, there’s always something to be gained in a visit to the cannabis classroom, especially when it comes to the crucial basics of marijuana.
Today’s topic? THC and CBD. It’s safe to assume many already know the basic difference between the two (the former gets you high, the latter does not) but let’s take a step back and go a bit deeper—let’s go all the way back to the cannabis plant, where these two are derived from.
The cannabis plant is a complex, living gift that keeps on giving, largely in part to the chemical compounds that are secreted by cannabis flowers—cannabinoids. And while the number of identified cannabinoids continues to climb and therefore change, it’s safe to say the number falls somewhere between sixty and one-hundred. On that ever-changing list are the two compounds that bring us back to the beginning: cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as CBD and THC, respectively.
The different effects that CBD and THC bring about have a lot to do with the way in which they interact with your body. Whether you eat a few pieces of cannabis chocolate, light up a freshly rolled joint, or give the LA Kush vape a try, the same cellular and scientific happenings are set into action.
THC heads to the brain, where the compound elicits the psychoactive qualities of marijuana that give you that glorious high—be it a sativa boost or an indica couch vibe. CBD stays away from the brain and works in the body, interacting with some feel-good receptors that push you into a state of relaxation, make pain go away, and so much more. The science of how it all goes down is equal parts fascinating and mind-boggling—a topic better suited for next time.
And there you have it: the LA Kush approved cannabis course on THC and CBD. Relish in your new knowledge and then head on over to LA Kush—we’ve got the goods you need.




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