How (And Where) You Should Store Your Goods

We’ve all got our own rituals around marijuana. Some like to keep it simple with a couch and a readily available snack to be delivered via an app. Others get a bit more inventive, concocting confections or bringing trusty vapes along for an outing. Whichever route you choose, you’re undoubtedly on the way to a great time (and high).
But here’s a question for you: once you’ve smoked, chewed, or anything in between, what do you do with your precious bud?
Remember when you were just a young marijuana lover, afraid of mom or roommate or god forbid the dog finding your precious stash hidden underneath your bed or buried deep within your t-shirt drawer? Days are different. It’s legal. And we should be smarter about storing our goods.
Raise your hand if your weed is currently sitting in your desk drawer, gently enveloped in a plastic bag, plastic bottle, plastic anything. Intervention time: no more plastic for long-term storage. That’s right. Plastic has a static charge that can do damage to the flower, specifically the succulent trichomes.
If you want healthy, thriving, awesomely stored cannabis, your best bet is glass. Airtight and no static, glass is an optimal vessel to store your weed, but be sure you place it in a dark spot so that sunshine doesn’t degrade it in any way.
Speaking of darkness, let’s discuss the nitty gritty of environment. Cannabis is the happiest, healthiest, and best version of itself in cool, dark places. Too much heat and the flower will dry out, too much sun and rays zap away the potency of buds. Light is one of the top ways in which you can ruin your marijuana stash. Studies show that light and the harmful UV rays from the sun are the biggest factors in the degradation of cannabinoids.
Another keyword to add to your lexicon of weed storage woes is humidity. Too much humidity and your cannabis can start to gather some unfriendly mold. Have you ever tried smoking moldy weed? Not fun for anyone.
And for those who think the refrigerator is a safe space, think again. The fridge and freezer are hard nos. While your favorite snacks may thrive in these spots, your weed surely will not.
But let’s not just focus on the no-nos and negatives. Weed is uplifting and our mindset towards it should be too, right? Right.
This industry is sprouting up new products each and every day, which means you have a plethora of brands to explore that offer up exciting, effective, and effortless ways to store your weed. Looking for something classy and comforting to your beautiful cannabis collection? Coming at you with one part decor value and two parts function is Cannador. Our friends from the north know a thing or two about kick-ass cannabis products. In need of a go-to travel pack for all your adventures? Take to the trails with Burton’s elusive travel case, The Kit, that has many purposes and uses. If you know, you know.
Happy storing and, more importantly, happy smoking.




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