Indoor or Outdoor Grown? Why It Matters

While we all have our own likes and dislikes when it comes to the strain or form in which we enjoy marijuana, there’s one topic that is always at the center of discussion—one that is less about personal preference and more about what’s best. Is it indoor or outdoor grown pot?
Because let’s get something straight. The weed you smoke, inhale, ingest—no matter the form—is a plant. One grown from soil, requiring water, dependent upon the weather and other elements. Before you give us your answer to this age-old question of which location is best, take a moment and think carefully.
When it comes to the whole indoor versus outdoor debate, we’re not biased—we know we’re just doing it the preferred way. We’re not saying we’re right, but we’re not not saying that either.
Think about it. This isn’t any ordinary flower, shrub, or bud; it is your cannabis. Your newly legal in over half of the 50 states, hard-earned, incredibly special weed. So shouldn’t there be a little extra measure of care when it comes to growing? The answer is a resounding yes, of course.
Growing outdoors poses one major threat: your grow is only as great as what the season allows. That opens up a whole slew of elements that will impact your crop—be it water levels, sun exposure, pests, and so much more. Any variety of environmental triggers will impact trichome development. Trichomes are the particles that make cannabis have a frosty look—and they’re important. They contain THC and other cannabinoids that help make marijuana the plant it is today. After a season of unpredictable conditions, the grow runs the risk of having damaged trichomes that give you a heavier-tasting smoke.
While outdoor growing is at the mercy of Mother Nature, indoor environments are an entirely different story.
Part of what makes LA Kush the product that it is is the fact that it is grown indoors. Indoor growing offers control. Control over temperature, lighting, water, and so much more. That means yielding consistent crop that you can enjoy whenever you please.
The qualities of indoor conditions produce a much more consistent product, one that we take pride in crafting. When it comes to our process, the LA Kush way is one that is a proprietary growing technique: organic, safe, of the highest quality, and produces one hell of a high. Indoor grown goods also boast bigger trichome crystals, which gives the crop a higher THC percentage.
Our indoor growing capabilities enable us to get the best of the best—and it’s the difference you can notice. Indoor grown, made the Southern California way. Need further convincing? Some some Los Angeles Kush (the blue box). You definitely won’t regret it.




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