So, You Overdid It With The Edibles

For all the wonders that come from the glorious plant that is marijuana, there is that fine line nobody dares to cross: the barrier between that sweet high and the sensation of being incredibly conked out.
The usual culprit? Edibles. Today there’s not as much guessing or mystery involved. Shit’s legal. But sometimes it just happens.
It’s almost like a rite of passage. Whether it’s your first time experiencing edibles or you’re a seasoned vet getting high for the hundredth time, the scene seems to always look the same. The brownies tasted too good, the batch was a bit off-base, gummies took too long to kick in, you got cocky. There’s a myriad of reasons as to why and how you ended up in this place, but it doesn’t really matter after the fact, does it? You’re stuck. You just have to sit back, try to relax, and let it pass.
In an ideal world, you’ll ingest around 10 to 25 milligrams of THC and be golden. But for those moments you maybe overdid it on the edible game, here’s what we suggest you do.
First off: don’t freak out. Easier said than done, sure. But really, try not to freak out. You’re going to be fine. The next six to twelve or so hours might be slightly uncomfortable at times, but you’re going to make it through and wake the next morning ready to tell the tale of the time you went too hard.
Since your high will be around for quite some time, it’s a good idea to get comfortable. Pick your favorite spot on the couch, venture outdoors if your psyche can handle that, or do whatever just feels right. No judgement here.
Attempt to relish in the moment. Turn on your favorite album or find a movie to occupy some of your time. Your favorite flick or song may just take on a entirely different meaning when you’re in this state.
Hungry anyone? Too many edibles means you’re definitely hungry. Raid the fridge or order some food in—and be sure to up the hydration game. Your body is in an interesting place when you’ve had too much THC; both water and food will help keep you feeling okay.
If you’ve got some citrus-centric fruits handy, get chewing. Lemons, oranges, and their citrus family members contain the terpene limonene, which combats THC-induced anxiety. While you’re up and in or around the kitchen, grab some black pepper. A few peppercorns can go a long way in getting you to chill out.
And there you have it. If you’re reading this incredibly stoned, best of luck.




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