The Cannabis Film Classics

We know a thing or two (or three) about weed. After all, we’re the ones smoking, growing, thinking, and talking about it on essentially a daily basis. One of our favorite pastimes? Tapping into the cinephile sensibilities of stoner films.
Even before the flower was legal, cannabis was (and continues to be) quite the film co-star. Just think about how many marijuana-enthusiasts were catapulted to icon status thanks to a little puff, puff, pass action. It’s nothing less than a comedic art form.
The entire act of enjoying cannabis comes with personal particulars. From your favorite strain to the optimal time and place you choose to get high, it’s a whole lot of preference and taste. The same goes for choosing your top stoner flicks. Our collection of favorites could go on for pages, but let’s be real: nobody wants to read that. That’s why, ladies and gents, we’ve spelled out an amalgam of favorites that will fit any mood or fancy, be it sober or high.
This article cannot truly begin without discussing Cheech & Chong—probably the most important duo when it comes to cannabis comedy. They don’t really need an introduction or explanation. Icons, classics, the forefathers of stoner cinema.
Kicking off the film list is the famed Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Who didn’t somewhat idolize Spicoli? From hot-boxing his friend’s van before school, ordering some pizza to class, and leaving us all with that perfectly funny cadence to speak in, he did it well and he did it right.
Alright, alright, alright. Before the days of Boyhood and the Before trilogy, Richard Linklater brought us back to his Texas roots with the hilarious and perfect film that is Dazed and Confused. Part of the fun in watching this film is recognizing actors that continue to pop up on the stage and screen today.
We owe a whole lot to the Coen brothers for bringing The Big Lebowski into the world. Just like early stoners, the film was a tad misunderstood at first. But in 2014, the film was actually selected for preservation in the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress. They cited it as a film that is “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.” Look who’s laughing now.
Clerks epitomizes the slacker archetype in a way that continues to feel fresh and funny even in 2018. Like any great stoner film, it’s a tale of friendship, fun, and a whole lot of cannabis shenanigans.
Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle spawned sequels, 3D Christmas versions (yes, that’s a thing), and a perfect Neil Patrick Harris sub-plot. If that isn’t success, we’re not sure what is.
Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott hilariously encapsulate the adventures that can ensure with cannabis in Dude, Where’s My Car? The film brought a whole new meaning to the word “dude” that will live on forever.
Pineapple Express and This Is the End have two things in common: James Franco and an ensemble cast of hilarity. Both offer up quote after quote, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love an Emma Watson cameo?
Rounding out this list are two gems. Half Baked and How High. How High is your classic storyline featuring two real-life rappers and Half Baked makes this list because Dave Chappelle wrote it. Need any other reason to watch it? Didn’t think so.
Queue up some films, get stoned, and never leave the couch. You’re welcome.




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