The Great Divide: NorCal Versus SoCal Weed

Sometimes it feels as though the prerequisite of being a California dweller is subscribing to the rivalry between Northern California and Southern California. Whichever point on the compass you situate yourself within our big old state, there’s a opinion to be had and a loyalty to defend, whether it’s teams, food, or anything in between. Adding weed into that equation? Well, that only makes the divide stronger.
In the Wild West of weed, California is a haven for marijuana growers. Especially now, because of course, shit’s legal. And while we’ve said it before, we’ll reiterate once more because it’s important: location matters. It’s a fact that trickles deeply down to the NorCal-SoCal divide.
Los Angeles Kush is obviously grown in good ol’ SoCal—for reasons that run the gamut of obvious to not as much. SoCal is in our blood (and our name), it’s our culture, and it’s deeply ingrained in all that we do.
Whereas Northern California weed has sweeping fields of cannabis getting its fair share of sun, rain, and fog, SoCal weed lives the good life in mainly growing facilities. The cannabis grown in NorCal largely comes from the famed destination called The Emerald Triangle. Sure, it may sound like a name better suited for The Wizard of Oz, but it’s a spot that got its name due to the fact that it is the largest marijuana-producing region in the United States. Made up of Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity Counties, it’s a trifecta of sorts. Those we are allegiant to the NorCal cannabis camp bow down the The Emerald Triangle, but let us be the first to say that SoCal is the only way to go.
The majority of the crop grown in NorCal—especially in The Emerald Triangle—is outdoor grown. And that opens up a whole can of uncertainty. When you see a cannabis product boasting The Emerald Triangle point of origin, it may also be a product of inconsistency. Too much sun, too much water, too much hype that can sometimes enable certain products to be grown by the sun for cheap and then flipped at a higher profit.
Down in the better part of the state, cannabis crops are controlled indoors, grown to perfection without having any of the mishaps of the environment. From more potency and smoother smoke to higher levels of THC, growing indoors has the definite perks—a deeper discussion that we delved into here.
With the legalization of marijuana, the comparison game between NorCal and SoCal cannabis is at its height. Outdoor or indoor, sun-grown or consistent, Humboldt-sealed or blue box official? You know where we stand, because let’s get real. SoCal wins this game any day.




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