To Vape Or Not To Vape

To Vape or Not to Vape

Sometimes life throws you situations where you’re truly faced with some hard-hitting questions. Where should you go for dinner? Which movie do you see? Which beach should you frequent? What strain of weed do you choose for the evening?
But let’s be honest. These queries—including this article’s headline—are not real questions. Not at all. To vape or not to vape? We think it should always be a resounding and wholehearted yes to the vape.
If anyone is to understand some of the drawbacks to vaping, it’s us. After all, we’re old school cannabis enthusiasts. But all great things evolve, and vape pens bring a whole new experience to the weed game—especially when you look at all the great options out there. In fact, sometimes vapes look so great, we can’t even fathom any reasons as to why you’d shy away from the pen.
One of our favorite reasons why we love to vape? There is a lot of freedom in the world of vaping. You can get some sweet LA Kush strain for your vape or pick a disposable pen to get in enough hits without taking any sort of larger leap. There are countless varieties of oil and pens that you can smoke from, making the whole experience equally seamless and experimental. Flavors, anyone? Sure, flavored varieties are a deeply personal preference, it’s always exciting to gaze upon the options at hand.
Speaking of seamless and experimental, vape pens offer up an incredibly easy and clandestine way to enjoy some marijuana. No rolling papers, no mess, no grinding. It’s just concentrated oil that can make your dreams come true.
There’s no denying that it’s straight up convenient to be out in public and have the ability to just bring out a sleek, unassuming vape pen. While a joint screams weed, vapes are a bit less statement-making. And by a bit we mean not at all.
For those of us who sometimes are more prone to coughing fits or maybe don’t want to hotbox the living room, vaping also brings another great thing to table–this time in terms of what it actually doesn’t bring: lots of smoke. No fire. No lighter. No thick, sticky cannabis clouds . Sounds pretty fantastic.
Of course there’s the whole component of vaping providing a terrific high. Much like our own products, vaping is consistent. You know what you’re going to get one inhale or puff at a time.
Let all of this sink in. Think of all the fun times that can and will naturally ensue with the power of the pen. Now, get back to vaping.




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