What's In A Strains Name?

Whether you’re chatting cannabis with buds or perusing strains within our store, there is no doubt you have uttered, asked about, or eventually smoked a strain of marijuana with a memorable name. Want in on a secret? That’s kind of the point.
We can all pretty much agree on the importance of a name. It’s an obvious point of definition for anything and anyone. Whether it be your own, a moniker for an establishment, or the calling card for a product, it’s a no-brainer element in distinction, identification, and conscious attribution. Especially when it comes to branding and, more specifically, the branding of cannabis.
It really should come as no surprise to anyone the role names play in the ever-changing and ever-growing world of weed. After all, when you’re naming flower after somewhat identical flower, a buzzy name may do the trick to get eyeballs on the strain and vape pens smoking it day after day.
But the thinking behind the names given to strains actually goes back to the days of yore—you know, before the stuff was legal. More than a simple exercise in semantics, a strain’s name typically plays into the smell, taste, or potency of the flower. Pair that with a life-affirming adjective or noun and you’ve got a list of potential candidates that will undoubtedly get the job done.
A particular strain illicit a powerful high? That better work its way into the name. How about a distinct fruity flavor that comes to life the second you light it up? Obviously, that’s in there, too.
With so many strains with their respective names floating around, it can sometimes feel like a never-ending database of cannabis characters. That’s why we keep it simple. Because if we’re going, to be honest, we think a product should be able to speak for itself; let the quality product shine, not an attention-grabbing name.
Here are there names you most likely already know and love: Los Angeles Kush, Federal Reserve, Monster OG Shatter—our strain names run the gamut from straightforward to enticing, always playing into our Los Angeles roots, the essential element of trusted legitimacy that goes into each of our products, and of course the paying homage to OG Kush—the grandfather of strains that’s been a favorite for the past two decades.




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