Microdosing and the Future of Edibles

While cannabis edibles such as cookies, brownies, chocolates, and candies are a popular way to experience a strong, full-body high, some people are choosing to opt for a less intense edible experience.

Microdosing, a mellow alternative to the more commonly found high-THC products, is a growing trend in the cannabis industry. Microdosing is the practice of consuming edible cannabis products that have such low levels of THC that they produce nearly no noticeable short-term psychoactive effects. Edibles are microdosed if they contain fewer than 5 mg of THC in one serving, with the standard edible dose containing 10 mg of THC. There are several benefits to microdosing THC, but in this article, we will discuss two of the most prominent uses for microdosed cannabis edibles and how they fit in with the future of edible products.

Working your way up

All bodies are different, and the amount of THC that can produce a desired effect varies wildly between each person based on factors like tolerance levels, height, weight, sex, and age. Microdosing edibles allows less-experienced users to slowly work their way up to find their “sweet spot” in terms of THC levels. Over-consumption, which, while rare, can lead to vomiting, abdominal pain, paranoia, uncontrollable shaking, or panic attacks, is a fear of many new edible users. Some people just fear being too stoned and would rather prefer a gentler high. A common issue among new edible users is not knowing how much they should consume and how it will affect them, a problem that is much less prevalent when smoking cannabis since the high happens much quicker. Because of this, it’s suggested that new users start slowly by ingesting minimal amounts, working their way up as they reach the desired level of high. While several states have required that edibles be sold in serving sizes of 5 to 10 mg, even that amount of THC can be too much for less frequent users, so microdosing is a great way for new users to have a more pleasant first-time experience.

Creativity and relaxation

Ingesting small amounts of cannabis is thought to relieve anxiety, increase creativity, reduce pain, promote sleep, improve mood, and produce a relaxing effect. For regular consumers of cannabis edibles who have a high tolerance, microdosing at levels as low as 1 to 2.5 mg won’t produce any psychoactive effects, but it can help them achieve a calming state, alleviating anxiety and promoting creativity without the risk of feeling unmotivated or lethargic that comes with being high. Many people are also finding microdosing to be an effective alternative to anti-anxiety drugs and a great treatment of depression in tandem with mental health therapy.

The future of edibles

While edibles have a long history, they are well-known for their ability to produce a strong, full-body high. However, the use of edibles is continually shifting and changing, and while they will always be available for their traditional use, edibles are becoming increasingly more multifaceted. Whether you’re a new cannabis user who is looking to find their “sweet spot”, a long-time user who’s interested in changing things up a bit, are looking for an alternative to anti-anxiety medication, or you’d rather just eat a full dose and feel the high, you are bound to find what you’re looking for with edibles, and microdosing is just one way that edibles are becoming more customizable and versatile.




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